*  Try our New Deluxe Spa Pedicure & Manicure. It's a great method of revitalizing your skin, enhancing long-term moisture and relaxing the mind and body.
The benefits include anti-aging, hydrating, softening, warming, cooling, and skin-brightening.
Rejuvenate yourself after a long, dry winter and get ready for Spring and Summer!
*  For those of you who prefer a more subtle or classy look, but still modern and trendy for  look for these colors/styles; opaque, delicate nude shades, and also fiery red.
*  Dark-colored nail polish with a light dress can create an image of classiness, while remaining contemporary.
*  Dark and Sexy, gothic fingernails are a major hit for among teens and young professionals!
Together with the perfect dress and accessories, you can look stunning and make a powerful statement!
*Try our new Shellac gel polish that is tough, flexible, and brilliantly colored! This gel polish is long lasting, always-glossy, non-yellowing, and, best of all, has no drying time.
Special Offers and Tips on Nail Care